Why You Should Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

When you need to call an engineer for a problem in your home, you’ll have literally hundreds of people to choose from. So how do you know who to use? Naturally, you want someone who is skilled at their job, with plenty of experience and who you can rely on to turn up when they say they will and carry out the work you need.

As well as the above, though, you also need to think about the standard of work and how safely it will be done. Particularly with gas, which is used to fire most central heating systems, you need to make sure the engineer you choose knows what they’re doing. Gas is extremely dangerous, so using someone without the necessary qualifications and experience puts your safety and the safety of your family at risk.

Why should I hire a Gas Safe registered engineer?

When an engineer holds a Gas Safe registration, it means they have been checked and approved to work with gas appliances and gas boilers. Being Gas Safe registered offers some proof to customers of an engineer’s qualifications and experience. This means that they are able to undertake specialist gas work safely, and aren’t putting you or your home in any danger as they carry out the job they’ve been hired for. 

Using someone with a Gas Safe registration weeds out those advertising their services without proof of their skills. While other jobs in your home, such as putting together some shelves, can be done by a general repair or handy-person, gas is entirely different and requires an expert in the field.  

Why choose DV Plumbing & Heating

As an experienced plumbing and heating team, we’re naturally Gas Safe registered, taking your safety seriously. We work in homes and businesses across Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Hampshire, Winchester and Guildford, proud to serve our local communities.

With customer reviews listed on our website, we’re also happy to show anyone interested in hiring us exactly what we offer, which is a trusted, professional service that can be relied upon. 

Skilled Gas Safe registered engineer in Southampton & surrounds

With in depth experience of working with gas boilers and gas appliances, the team at DV Plumbing & Heating are your local Gas Safe specialists. Working throughout Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Hampshire, Winchester and Guildford, we’re trusted by customers throughout the area and welcome all enquiries. If you’d like to find out more about our services simply get in touch by calling 07501016990, emailing info@dvplumbgas.co.uk or by filling out our short contact form