When Should I Service My Boiler

There are lots of benefits to getting your boiler serviced, and at DV Plumbing & Heating we’re happy to carry this out for our customers whenever is most convenient for them. We strongly recommend all homeowners have their boiler serviced every year, as doing this can:

  • Reduce the risk of boiler breakdowns
  • Make your boiler perform more effectively
  • Validate your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Save you money on your heating bills due to better boiler efficiency

When you arrange your service is up to you, but the following points may serve as a guide if you’re unsure when to have your boiler service carried out.

Best time to get your boiler serviced

When you’ve moved house

If you’ve recently moved to a new home, it’s sensible to get your boiler checked to make sure it’s working as it should. During the service your heating engineer will be able to check the parts are working safely and that your boiler is performing as it should, offering you peace of mind that your new home will remain warm and comfortable for you and your family.

Late summer or early autumn

Many homeowners like to get their boiler serviced around the end of summertime. This gives your heating engineer the chance to check everything is working well for winter, and to spot any potential niggly problems and deal with them before they cause a boiler breakdown. Winter is when you need your boiler the most, so it’s important to ensure it’s in tip top condition for the upcoming colder months.

If you have any concerns

If your boiler hasn’t been serviced for over a year or hasn’t been serviced at all, it’s best to arrange one for as soon as possible. Similarly, if your boiler is still working well but you’re a little worried due to the lack of service or anything different happening with it, then give us a call and we can check everything over as part of our service.

Boiler servicing you can trust in Southampton & surrounds

At DV Plumbing & Heating, we carry out boiler servicing across Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Hampshire, Winchester and Guildford. Offering a reliable, professional and friendly service, we’re trusted by homeowners and landlords alike. If you’d like to arrange a boiler service or find out more about what it involves then contact us and we’ll be pleased to help. 

You can call us on 07501016990, email us at duncanvella@hotmail.co.uk or complete our short contact form