Signs your boiler is due a repair

When our boilers are working well, it’s likely we barely give them a passing thought. However, if something goes wrong and they stop providing the heat and hot water we rely on every day, they suddenly have our full attention. If your boiler has broken down, it’s pretty clear a repair is needed, but sometimes there are other, less obvious signs that something is wrong and needs looking at.

Having your boiler checked out when there’s a problem but before it breaks completely can save you both hassle and expense, as issues are easier to resolve when they’re isolated. However, if left, your boiler problem can grow, affect other parts and cause issues that are bigger and trickier to solve.

Some signs your boiler might need a repair

If you notice any of the following with your boiler it means something’s not right. When boilers are in good health, they don’t do any of the following - so it’s important to ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to investigate if you spot one or more of these issues: 

  • Water leaking from your boiler
  • Banging or loud noises coming from your boiler
  • Your boiler turning itself off, even if you are able to turn it back on
  • Water not always heating up properly 
  • Radiators not heating up fully

How DV Plumbing & Heating can help

Our team are skilled, experienced and reliable, so if your boiler needs a repair then we’re here to help. With in depth experience of boilers and central heating systems, we love getting to the bottom of a boiler issue, and pride ourselves on bringing your boiler back to health as quickly as possible. 

We take your safety seriously, being Gas Safe registered, which proves we hold the necessary qualifications and experience to carry out specialist gas boiler work.

Skilled boiler repair in Southampton, Portsmouth & surrounds

With a wealth of experience in boiler repair and care, the team at DV Plumbing & Heating are happy to help fix your misbehaving boiler. We know it’s no fun when something goes wrong with the heating or hot water in your home, and always aim to carry out repairs as quickly as possible. We offer our professional boiler repair service throughout Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Hampshire, Winchester and Guildford and are a team you can trust. 

To find out more or to arrange a quote you can call us on 07501016990, email us at or complete our short contact form