Should I Repair or Replace my Boiler?

When your boiler breaks down, the best solution may not always be clear cut. At DV Plumbing & Heating, we always do our best to repair boilers where possible, as this is usually the most cost-effective and quickest way to return heat and hot water to a customer’s home. However, sometimes repairing a boiler can be a false saving, as if it’s not in good condition and needs repairing again soon after, it may be more effective to get it replaced.

But how do you know which course of action you should take? We’ve written the following guide to help you make up your mind, but it’s also advisable to check with a Gas Safe registered heating engineer who can assess your boiler and offer their expert insight face to face.

When should I get my boiler repaired?

Every boiler suffers a fault at times, so it’s usually worth trying to repair them, if the following applies:

  • Your boiler has just one thing wrong with it, rather than lots of problems
  • It’s less than 9 years in age
  • It hasn’t needed a repair in the last year
  • Your radiators are cold but the boiler is still on (this may mean it’s a thermostat problem instead)
  • Your boiler seems to be working but your radiators aren’t heating well (they may just need bleeding or powerflushing)
  • Your boiler isn’t leaking

When should I get my boiler replaced?

However, if you’re experiencing some of the following, it may be more sensible to replace your boiler, rather than temporarily repair it:

  • There is a gas leak with your boiler
  • It needs repairing often, twice or more in the last year
  • It’s older than 10 years and has broken down multiple times
  • There’s water leaking regularly from your boiler
  • Your heating bills have gone up, which may suggest your boiler isn’t running efficiently

Skilled boiler repair, care and installation in Southampton & surrounds

At DV Plumbing & Heating, we offer expert boiler care, repair and installation to homes and businesses across Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Hampshire, Winchester and Guildford. We’ll always do our best to advise on whether you’ll benefit most from repairing your boiler or replacing it, and are trusted by our customers to provide a reliable and professional service. If you’d like to find out more simply get in touch by calling 07501016990, emailing or by filling out our short contact form